Thursday, May 22, 2014


I started my fitness journey back in 2012, I wanted a change in my life and I thought being healthier would be a great start! Plus, I just wanted to share with you guys a quick workout. I remember starting off slow by removing things that weren't too healthy... sodas etc. Except cookies...but we're allowed to have cheat days right?!
I'm pretty sure I have before and after pictures .. somewhere but that'll be for a later date ;)

I start my morning off with a tall glass of water, I heard that it gets the metabolism going so I've been doing it ever since.

My workout first starts off with this short cardio video from FitnessBlender on YouTube. I love pretty much all their videos, they're great to learn a thing or two as a beginner! I also love that there is none of that cheesy music to go along so its great to play your playlist to help motivate you :)

Also I usually workout in my own room.. don't really like working out at the gym too much.

After my Cardio I either do a few arms, legs & an Ab workout. I do arms or legs on every other day to get some rest in there for my little muscles.

My Ab workout today:

Two sets of 30 seconds of Russian twists with an 8lb Kettle bell
Two sets of 30 seconds of leg lifts

I rest for about 10 secs between each set to keep that intensity YEAH!

Now I know weights get to be a little pricey but, I found my Kettle Bell for about $7 at Ross. Also if you don't know what the ab workouts are please please search on Google or YouTube before attempting anything because I don't want anyone getting hurt attempting a workout!

...Messy room I know haha but this is where my body is at for now and I guess we'll see what's next! Maybe some abs? 

Oh yeah & don't forget to workout with a buddy!


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